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With each pattern we tried to capture a feeling or an image inspired by an element of nature, a moment of beauty. Each design is defined by a short poem that captures the mood we were trying to create.

“Real poetry, is to lead a beautiful life.
To live poetry is better than to write it.” ― Matsuo Bashō― 


Don't imitate me;
It's as boring
as the two halves of a melon.

― Matsuo Bashō―

Imitating nothing but itself the Interstellar design resembles everything while being completely unique. It is as predictable as the night sky and as unquantifiable as what happens between the stars.


Over the wintry
Forest, winds howl in rage
With no leaves to blow.

― Natsume Soseki ―

With its random alternation of shapes and tones, the Mosaic design mimics the irregular consistency of natural marble enriched with hints of organic texture. The colour palette suggests dimension, balancing a lively variation of light and dark tones with opulent golden accents.

Dandelion Bar

Before the white chrysanthemum
the scissors hesitate
a moment.

― Yosa Buson ―

The Dandelion Light Bar design embodies the geometric essence of living organisms and transforms it into a beautiful cascade of hanging treasures. Its enchanting rhythm is reinforced with crystals and LED lights, while the organic feel of the design is enhanced by the natural silk fibres of the substrate.


In the Autumn fields
Blooming intermingled
The flowers' hues
Are a riot
Of feeling for me now.

― Ki no Tsurayuki―

It is fun playing around with distorting nature’s fascinating order and geometry and reforming it into new structures that while being new still resemble familiar objects.


A cicada shell;
It sang itself
Utterly away.

― Matsuo Bashō―

Like dried-out shelters to unknown creatures living on unexplored ground, the Shells linger in a hypnotic rhythm of sinuous lines and organic shapes. If you listen carefully you might still hear the sound of the wind whispering through these melancholic vessels.


The moment two bubbles
Are united, they both vanish.
A lotus blooms.

― Murakami Kijo―

The Pineapple design presents itself as a sinuous accumulation of coral shapes building up a revolving structure that exudes exotic elegance. Paired with the light metallic tones of the silk, it provides a fresh and juicy twist for any contemporary interior.


Fallen rain dripping

From the leaning eaves

So shallow that

Swiftly in pours

The moonlight.

― Fujiwara no Teika

While appearing to have structure the form is completely fluid, like raindrops  falling it is chaotically scattered to create a perfect natural and organic order.

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