About us

About Meystyle

Meystyle was founded by sisters Maria and Ekaterina Yaschuk - M.E.Y. who invented LED wallpaper as an MA degree project at Central Saint Martin's college in 2004.

We design patterns, materials and technologies that integrate light into wall coverings and offer endless possibilities to shift your focal point and bring new dimensions to interior spaces

Change your light style

Change your life style

Being afraid of change is being afraid of life. In agreement with harmony we turn light into a material that creates our inimitable LED Wallpaper features.

Illuminated life

Making one-off pieces involves an unprecedented level of care and focus but it gives us unparalleled freedom to create collections and designs that come from the depths of our souls and ones that we truly believe in.

Creativity is a process and to us, our life force.


LEDs create intricate light patterns on your walls that provide soft mood lighting in the dark and a dreamy focal point during the day.


OLEDs are organic material-based surface light sources. They are shaped as rectangular panels of light, can be dimmed and are easy to replace

Choose light

Global connectivity

Connection points and types are suggested individually for each project and are accredited for use all over the world.

Process of design

There is always something new being developed in the studio.

We combine, manipulate and adorn textures with the only purpose to communicate a unique and distinct vision that we have for each of the patterns and collections that we design.

We don't believe in waste, your samples are printed alongside ordered prints on request and individually hand finished just like all our wallpaper. We work in a natural environment full of sunlight and positive energy. We take pride in still producing no more than one bin bag of waste every week.

Waste not want not

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