Dolomite LED wallpaper
Lattice Systems

The Lattice Systems collection goes a step further than we have ever ventured with our designs. It turns pattern and wallpaper into a radical new concept that transforms your walls into light structures.
It has always been our mission to break out of the 2D print medium and extend spaces through depth of pattern.
In this collection we have achieved this by making the rolls of wallpaper into actual lighting pieces.

Dolomite LED wallpaper

Dolomite Chandelier

The Dolomite Chandelier is a bold statement of luxury and elegance. Its cascade of elongated leaves is reminiscent of exotic places that never were, familiar shapes that you have never seen.

Dolomite Auburn LED wallpaper

Dolomite Silver Grey

Dolomite Sunny Beige

Dolomite Tokyo

Quantum Dots LED wallpaper

Quantum Dots Chandelier

With its rich combination of
textures, the Quantum Dots Chandelier inspires an ecstatic, tactile sight. Its elegant design suggests countless associations whose ultimate purpose is to release imagination. Some may see it as a cascade of bronze bells, others as a composition of plunging blossoms sprouting from an alien plant.

Quantum Dots LED wallpaper

Germanium Silver Grey LED wallpaper

Germanium Chandelier

The Germanium Chandelier is one of our best-loved designs. The delicacy and airiness of its floral composition inspires both peacefulness and excitement to the eye. The painted-effect background adds a great feel of texture and luxury.

Germanium LED wallpaper

Germanium Tokyo LED wallpaper

Germanium Sunny Beige LED wallpaper

Nordic Waterfall LED wallpaper

Nordic Waterfall Chandelier

The Nordic Waterfall design is a majestic stand-alone feature. It embodies the unexpected synthesis of the organic with the man-made. The sublime force of nature encounters the rationality of human thinking. The result is an uncanny fascination, a contemporary beauty.

Nordic Waterfall LED wallpaper

Random Architecture LED wallpaper

Sliding Doors LED wallpaper

Lattice System LED wallpaper

Lattice System Chandelier

Philosopher Hegel once compared architecture to frozen music. The Lattice System Chandelier is a symphony of lines and rhythms playing with the modular simplicity of a modernist aesthetic. Its angular rigour opposes its intentionally chaotic composition resulting in a balanced, yet never fully settled harmony.

Lattice System LED wallpaper

Lattice System LED wallpaper

Lattice System LED wallpaper

Unit Cell LED wallpaper

Unit Cell LED wallpaper

Stalactite LED wallpaper

Stalactite wallpaper

The Stalactite design presents itself as a sumptuous precipitation of hexagonal flakes, a rhythmic alternation of solids and voids. Taking inspiration from nature's generative power, this design visualises the ideal of a perfect order clashing with the inevitability of chaos.

Stalactite LED wallpaper

Tokyo Cell

Olive Cell

Golden Cell

Silver Cell

Quantum Lines Silver Grey LED wallpaper

Silver Grey Background

Sunny Beige Background

Tokyo Background

Quantum Background

Quantum Lines LED wallpaper

Auburn Cell LED wallpaper

Auburn Cell LED wallpaper
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