Winner of
Maison & Objet Projects
award 2014.

Lighting is a feature that one would normally expect to see next to or attached to the wall but in 2004 MEYSTYLE have abandoned tradition and incorporated lights into wallpaper.

LEDs provide ambient that adds an aesthetic quality but also provides a spatial marker at night when all other lights are off. The use of Swarovski crystals accentuates the impact of the LEDs as the two work in harmony to create a dramatic impact.

In our work we employ computer-based technologies in the form of digital printing for striking wallpaper that works as a feature for contemporary interiors.

The LEDs are fully integrated into the material of the wallpaper allowing them to be used just like any traditional wall-covering– but with the added requirement of an electrical socket or switch.

We also use more traditional crafts and materials to compliment Swarovski crystals and LEDs. Some wallpapers are hand finished with screen prints and metallic painting to create a tactile feel.

All of our wallpaper is handmade to measure in our London studio. LED wallpaper can be made to any size and on a selection of smaterials ranging from silks to high quality wallpapers and textile-based wall coverings. On request we can also offer a variety fabrics that can be printed to compliment our wallpaper.

Quality and workmanship over commercial pressure is something that we carried as our motto since we began working in 2004. At MEYSTYLE each roll of our LED wallpaper is individually hand made which enables us to make patterns that are tailor made to their environment and do not repeat - an effect which is impossible to achieve with mass manufacturing.

MEYSTYLE’s mission is to rescue walls from the background, integrating bold patterns with LED lights and crystals to create a deep visual experience that transforms walls and wallpaper into works of art.